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Angels of Light Fellowship

Welcome to the Angels of Light Fellowship.

Here we explore different levels of consciousness that we all possess.

We are most familiar with our mental, emotional, and physical human attributes.

But we all possess many more levels of consciousness which we can learn to integrate with our mental, emotional, and physical human attributes.

These other levels of consciousness are much more subtle like intuition which can come to us out of nowhere to change plans or actions.

Our dreams are another level of consciousness quite different from our waking hours. In dreams we can be anywhere in an instant, go through solid objects or do things that it is not possible for us to do in our waking hours.

These subtle levels of consciousness and our dreams are most often coded messages for us to figure out their meanings. Once we have learned how to read these coded messages, we find new and greater levels of awareness and expansions in our life activities. Each person has a unique set of coded messages. Like snowflakes, no two sets of human coded messages are alike.

Meditation is one way for us to learn how to read our unique and personal coded messages. Meditation can bring us to an awake dream state which bit by bit puts us in greater contact with our more subtle levels of consciousness and enriches all our life experiences.

These subtle levels of consciousness come from our soul forces, our personal angel of light, through which we came to the earth to inhabit our bodies in every lifetime.

The focus of the Angels of Light Fellowship is to encourage people in each community, each family, each set of friends to come together on a regular basis to share with each other their personal insights from their own soul forces. Each of us has unique insights that enlightens others by sharing in a group.

Angels of Light Fellowship offers FREE Meditation Lessons for thirteen weeks. These Lessons are not focused on any religious belief, but on soul purposes.

Put your name and email address in the form to the right and click on the button 'Click for Lesson 1' to get your first lesson.

LOVE YOURSELF ALWAYS! Love is the cornerstone of your being.

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